Yam Mesicka

Developer and Educational Leader


Self-taught developer with proven education development skills. Looking for a hands-on, technical role in an exciting group.



Work Experience


Senior Developer, Researcher

Develop a system to automatically detect and patch firmware security issues

  • Designed and developed a system that automatically patches firmware vulnerabilities
  • Redesigned the infrastructure of the static firmware analyzer
  • Led the company's open-source efforts
  • Interviewed candidates and mentored Python developers


Offensive Security Group Leader

Management and technological lead of 15 employees (QA, front-end, back-end, security researchers)

  • Engaged in strategic decision-making with Product Managers, Business Managers, and the UX team
  • Interviewed employees for a wide range of roles
  • Mentored junior software developers
  • Maintained the products' environments and CI
  • Made key technological and architectural decisions

Lead Full-Stack Developer

Developed systems for intelligence gathering

  • Designed the architecture of the product
  • Programmed the product's front end and back end
  • Created and managed the project's GitLab, CI, and the production environment
  • Researched security issues in more than 20 services


Innovation & Educational Manager

  • Established and led more than 20 programming courses
  • Cultivated professionalism by creating courses and conferences
  • Developed and maintained e-learning systems and CTFs

Security Researcher

Volunteer Experience

"Learning Python" Course

Founder of a yearlong free programming MOOC with hundreds of participants during the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Designed syllabus and composed more than 400 pages of written interactive learning pages
  • Programmed an assignment submission system that allows graders to provide quick feedback
  • Accompanied trainees from programming their first Python program to getting a programming job

Technology Reporter

– Present

Summarize the latest cybersecurity incidents in an accessible manner